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Will You Join Us?

Women have worked tirelessly for hundreds of years for equality. 100 years ago, women changed the world by earning the right to vote. However, this didn't include ALL of us. The fight went on for women of color who had been left behind and will celebrate 100 years of voting in 2065. With 100 days until the election, we hope you will step forward and help us to decide the future for our daughters and granddaughters. We must build on what our foremothers did for us and continue the fight!

Democratic Women of Catawba County is excited to announce our 2020 Membership Drive. In honor of 100 years of change for women and 100 days until the election, the 100th woman to join DWCC will receive free 2020 dues. Just fill out the online membership form or paper version, make your payment, and if you are the 100th woman, you will receive a reimbursement. Dues for regular membership are only $20 per year. Enrollment information is located on our home page

Will you join us?

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